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Staking / Voting

Token holders can stake DIR and receive rewards. To stake DIR you need to vote for masternode candidates by sending DIR to each candidates specific Masternode-address using the official governance dapp "DeFiMaster" The top-150 most voted candidates will become masternodes.

Token holders can also un-vote candidates, but the tokens will be locked for the next 96 epochs / 8,640 blocks (approx. 48 hours) after the un-Masternode.

Masternode token deposits, and all tokens used to vote for masternodes will enter the staking program, and earn block rewards in each epoch, plus any fees. Tokens used to vote for candidates who do not become masternodes will not earn staking rewards.

What are the voters incentives? Do voters get rewards too?

Token voters should vote for the candidates who demonstrate strong support to the Diora ecosystem. If strong candidates are voted to become masternodes, the network will be more powerful and the voters will earn more rewards.

More information on the Masternode and reward mechanism in the Economics paper.

Can you stake DIR?

Yes, you can stake DIR and receive more DIR tokens as reward.

How do I Stake? Just holding on my wallet?

To stake in Diora you must participate in the Diora Masternode election, Masternode for masternode candidate(s) using DeFiMaster to deposit your tokens in a Masternode smart-contract.

Login to DeFiMaster and click 'Vote' on a node.

How does Diora Masternode Proof of Stake-Masternode (PoSM) work?

Everyone can can find a list of all masternode candidates on DeFiMaster All token holders can vote DIR on any candidates via DeFiMaster. To vote, token holders must deposit DeFi in a smart-contract associated with the voted candidate.

The top-150 most-voted candidates will be promoted to masternode during the next epoch and will be able to sign blocks and collect rewards. All the voters (stakers) who supported the elected masternodes will receive rewards, proportional to the amount of DeFi voted and the efficiency of the masternode.

How do I vote (stake)?

Any token holder can vote. Login to and then click 'Vote' on a node. Then enter the amount of DIR you want to vote (minimum is 100 DIR). You vote by depositing (staking) tokens to a smart-contract associated with a masternode candidate.

There are many ways to vote in DeFiMaster:

  • Masternode from DeFiMask.
  • Masternode from Ledger wallet
  • Masternode from Trezor wallet
  • Masternode via MetaMask (can be connected to your hardware wallets).
  • Masternode from Polkadot.js
  • Masternode with your wallet's Private Key or MNEMONIC.

What is the minimum amount to Stake?

The minimum amount to stake is 100 DIR.