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Name Your Masternode

Masternodes and proposed-masternodes (not enough votes yet) can be given alternate names and info on DeFiMaster.

To alter this information, you will need to login to master with your WALLET2 Deposit Wallet, find your masternode, edit the text, and then sign the change with your wallet. By signing the changes, you are cryptographically proving that this is actually the owner who wants to change the info.

  1. Know which wallet and wallet-software you used for the inital deposit.

    For example, maybe you use your Ledger Hardware Wallet with Metamask. Or maybe you used a mobile wallet like Diora Wallet or Binance's Trust Wallet.

  2. Head to DeFiMaster

    If you originally setup your masternode with a Ledger or Polkadot.js or MetaMask, you do this on a computer browser. If you originally used a mobile wallet such as Dioras Tomo Wallet or Binances Trust Wallet app, you will visit this webpage inside those apps.

  3. Login with your wallet

    a. Click the GEAR icon in the upper right corner

    b. Click the dropdown to select which Wallet type you are using

    For Ledger, you will need to enter the Derivation Path of m/44'/60'/0' and on the actual ledger, you are using Ethereum app with setting Browser Support: Yes.

    Network provider was changed successfully will temporarily popup on the same webpage if you succeed. Account Information section will now show the Address for this wallet.

  4. Navigate to your Masternode

    a. Click the Address shown

    This should be the Address of your masternodes WALLET2 Deposit Wallet where you originally posted your 50k. This will take you to an intermediate page showing your address as if it were a voter.

    b. Click the Address under Candidates section

    This should be the Address of your masternodes WALLET1 Operating Wallet which uniquely identifies your masternode. This will take you to your masternodes home page... where voters vote on you and find information such as your past rewards, status, and masternode information.

  5. Click the EDIT icon next to your masternodes name

    This icon looks like a paper and pencil. The icon will not appear if you are not the owner or are not logged into the wallet.

  6. Alter your Name, Hardware, Data Center, and Location

    There are no requirements here. The information is for voters. Click Next and then Submit once done.

  7. Sign the transaction

    Use your wallet to sign the transaction. This proves that you are who you say you are. With Ledger, you will need to click it physically to confirm. Mobile apps will have a popup where you confirm.

    Candidate information updated successfully will temporarily popup if successful.

  8. Check main page of DeFiMaster ! Done!