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Overview of Diora's products

The backbone of Diora's products and ecosystem is the Diora blockchain with its innovative Proof of Stake Masternode (PoSM) consensus. To facilitate interactions between users (including Stakers and Masternode owners) and the Diora blockchain, a set of products have been built, including DioraScan, DeFiMaster, DeFiMask, Token Bridge and our stats page. These products will be continuously improved in our long-term plan. Furthermore, more highly innovative products and technologies will be intensively developed and researched to make Diora become an ideal platform for blockchain Open finance, games and enterprise-oriented applications.


  • Diora: Diora Network is a incentivised smart contract parachain, utilizing advanced PoSM with Double Validation & Randomization for security guarantees. Diora is built with Substrate which natively supports EVM, WASM (soon) and a multi-layer sharding scaling solution if needed.

  • DioraScan: DioraScan provides a user friendly, details and perfection-oriented user interface for Diora block explorer. From a user perspective, DeFiScan brings Diora‚Äôs transparency to users, because all block, transaction, finality, smart contracts, Dapp and token information are read from Diora and shown to users. Furthermore, DeFiScan also offers technical visualisations and does useful statistics about the Diora performance, token holders and other functionalities.

  • DeFiMaster: The Governance Dapp DeFiMaster, provides a professional UI that allows to see the list of masternodes and candidates, to deposit 25k DIR to become a masternode candidate, to vote for masternodes, and to show masternode performance statistics.

  • DeFiMask: DeFiMask is the official wallet for Diora, aiming to store the DeFi native coin and tokens issued on Diora. DeFi Wallet also allows users to vote for masternodes, intreact with Dapps and track rewards.

  • Web Wallet: Diora Web Wallet can send DIR & ERC=20 tokens on any web browser! It can also help you manage your balance and transactions.

  • Token Bridge: The Bridge allows users to transfer assets between two chains in the Ethereum ecosystem. This is a customized version of POA network Bridge

  • Token Wizard: provides a friendly UI and a smart contract that allow any user to issue a ERC-20/DRC-21 token in minutes without any programming skills required.

  • Faucet: Get some free testnet DIR.

  • Network Stats: This is a visual interface for tracking Diora network status. It uses WebSockets to receive stats from running nodes and output them through an angular interface.