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The Devnet is light version of diora with limited nodes running to be a public demo of our products and a way for us to test new features.

The purpose of this public early access testnet is to validate the technical architecture and security of our blockchain in a setting that is as realistic as possible. For an ecosystem powering real-world applications at scale, it simply is not enough to merely audit source code.


  • Chain id: 201
  • RPC Endpoint:
  • WebSocket Endpoint:
  • Consensus: DPoS (not PoSM enbaled)
  • Block finality: >95%
  • Consensus nodes: privately run by DioraLabs
  • Smart contract creation fee: gas price 450 Gwei, gas limit >= 1000000

For developers

Devnet is the best way to test your smart contracts. Configure your substrate or EVM deployment tool (Remix for example) to connect to the testnet and deploy your new code without having to worry about fees.

For investors and enthusiasts

You will find on the devnet the exact same ecosystem as on the actual testnet. You can try all the features we propose like voting, running a masternode, discovering our dapps, etc.