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This guide shows how to run a Diora masternode in testnet and mainnet without the need of using Docker and tmn.

Install Rust

Prepare Diora client software

Build from source code

Create new directory for the project

  • Download source code and build
git clone
cd diora
  • Checkout the latest version (e.g v1.4.1)
git pull origin --tags
git checkout v1.4.1
  • Build the project
cargo build --release

Start a node

Let's start a node

If you are a Dapp developer, you should open RPC and WS apis:

Some explanations on the flags

--verbosity: log level from 1 to 5. Here we're using 4 for debug messages

--datadir: path to your data directory created above.

--keystore: path to your account's keystore created above.

--identity: your full-node's name.

--password: your account's password.

--networkid: our network ID.

--port: your full-node's listening port (default to 30303)

--rpc, --rpccorsdomain, --rpcaddr, --rpcport, --rpcvhosts: your full-node will accept RPC requests at 8545 TCP.

--ws, --wsaddr, --wsport, --wsorigins: your full-node will accept Websocket requests at 8546 TCP.

--targetgaslimit: Target gas limit sets the artificial target gas floor for the blocks to mine (default: 4712388)

--bootnode: bootnode information to help to discover other nodes in the network

--gcmode: blockchain garbage collection mode ("full", "archive")

--dev: start in dev mode

To see all flags usage