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Dapp Staking


Dapps can earn a portion of transaction fees and inflationary rewards in exchange for their contributions to the network. This earning model is similar to how validators are rewarded for operating nodes in a typical Proof-of-Stake (PoS) chain.

Diora seeks to provide three potential funding sources for dApps:

Gas Fee Rebates Dapp Staking Smart contract fees (optional)

Upon Mainnet launch Compete Daily for 10 Million DIR by creating competitive Dapps on Diora.

In addition to joining Bounties and Diora Hackathon events, you can also participate in the Dapp Staking Program simply by creating and submitting your Dapp on Diora Mainnet. The more transactions and Daily Active Users (DAU) your Dapp has, the more DIR you will earn. X amount of DIR will be released for Dapp Rewards Program every day for the duration of the program increasing monthly. The daily bonus will be calculated based on the Dapp performance of yesterday. A total 10M DIR will be mined by the end of 2021.


  • Total number of transactions of your Dapp: Sum of transactions of the directly related smart contracts of your Dapp on a day.
  • Total number of transactions of all Dapps participating in the Dapp Mining program on Day+0.
  • Number of DAU of your Dapp on a day.
  • Total number of DAU of all Dapps participating in Dapp Mining on Day+0.
  • DAU percentage

Terms and Conditions

The Dapp rewards program will kick off after the Diora Mainnet launch, the exact time of mainnet launch will be announced 30 business days before the actual date. The daily performance of Dapps will be calculated next day at 00:00 (UTC+8) and made available on the Diora Dapp Store.