Decentralized Finance For Everyone

Fully EVM compatible parachain built with Substrate for Polkadot and Kusama

What is Diora?

Diora is substrate blockchain with its own native cryptocurrency. Based on its own unique PoSM consensus , it is EVM & WASM-compatible with throughput of 2000+ TPS, fast confirmation times, and low gas costs making it quick and easy for Dapps to deploy and scale.

Features illustration
Feature 01

Instant finality

Diora’s killer features means that it’s unnecessary for developers to worry about network congestion or transaction delay by deploying Dapps & Smart Contracts on our platform. Block generation speed is 2 seconds which will majorly reduce confirmation time compared to 15 seconds in Ethereum network.

Feature 03

High Scalability

Diora supports very high transaction volumes with fast verification's. Ethereum can only process 13 transactions per second, Diora can process 2000+ transactions per second and can scale to reach over 30,000+ TPS when multi-layers are introduced.

Feature 04

Low Transaction Fee

The PoSM Consensus Algorithm is efficient and does not require its network to waste energy on solving PoW puzzles. The transaction fees will thus be negotiable.

Feature 06

Decentralized Community Governance System (DCGS)

Referred to simply as the “Diora treasury”, is a means of reaching consensus on the proposed changes to the network and the development of the ecosystem. Without the need for external centralized parties, everything is created and run inside the Diora network.

Decentralized Finance

We strive to create a financial system that is accessible to anyone with an internet connection. We believe in a world where value flows freely, regardless of one’s geographic location. We believe our blockchain finance platform will not only unlock opportunities for blockchain companies, but also for traditional financial institutions building bridges to the new digital economy.

Feature extended 01

PoSM - Proof of Stake Masternode

This consensus enables it as an EVM compatible and scalable public blockchain, on which every Ethereum smart contract can be effectively run with almost instant transaction confirmation.

  • Token holders deposit 25k DIOR to become a masternode candidate

  • Token holders vote for masternode candidates

  • Most voted candidates are selected as masternodes

  • Masternodes create blocks in a round-robin style system with double validation

  • Masternodes finalizing blocks are incentivized
  • Feature extended 02

    Double Validation

    Double validation provides an additional trustless validation layer for security enhancement through a provable uniform distribution decentralized randomization.

    Specifically, when a block is created by a masternode, it must be verified by another masternode that is randomly selected among the set of masternodes before being added to the blockchain.

    Double validation strengthens Diora’s security, reduces fork and nothing at stake attacks, and makes Diora unique among other Proof of stake based blockchains.

    Feature extended 03

    Built with Substrate

    Substrate based chains are designed to seamlessly connect to Polkadot, granting access to its system of parallel transactions, cross-chain transfers, and an expanding support network.

  • True Interoperablility - All Substrate based parachains can interoperate with others in the ecosystem without the need for bridges.

  • Shared Security - Polkadot’s security is shared without compromise to all chains connected to it, removing the need for and expense of developing your own security network.

  • Sovereign Governance - While benefiting from the network effects on Polkadot, each chain also maintains independent governance for maximum freedom.

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